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All residents of Bond and Fayette County receive a copy of the Bond and Fayette County Shopper in their mailbox each week. Residents who live outside the distribution area or those living inside the distribution area will now be able to read the Shopper on line for free. When reading us on line, take advantage of the "click here" option offered by many advertisers. When you see the special "click here" star burst on an ad, you can click anywhere on that ad and transfer directly to that advertiser's web site. It's an easy way to do your shopping.

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How To Plan and Design Great Ads

Your first challenge is to determine the objective of your ad or ad campaign. Identify your target audience and what type of service or merchandise you need to market. Once you have established your target and your objective, you and your sales rep will be able to determine the most effective way to deliver your message. Continue Reading...

Create an Effective Ad Campaign

How much do I budget? When is the best time to promote my business? How often should I advertise? These are questions that you must answer when you plan your sales campaign. Most budgets are determined by your own sales and by national averages. Timing is determined by your own sales patterns. Your Shopper sales rep is equipped with information that will make the task simple and easy for you. Continue Reading...